Research Implications And Policy Dialogues

1. London Workshop, 2001
The main findings of the four studies were presented and reviewed at an international workshop in London in 2001, arranged by the Overseas Development Institute with Drylands Research and the Economic and Social Research Council of the UK, in the series 'Transformations in African agriculture'. After the presentation of the results, the policy lessons and implications were reviewed by four working groups which considered the following questions:
(1) Is a view of rural livelihood transformation as driven by capacities as well as by constraints a practicable basis for policy formation?
(2) What areas are critically important in constructing an enabling policy framework for livelihood development in the drylands?
(3) Recognising that politicians are influenced by interest groups, how can a participatory debate on enabling policy formation be initiated and sustained at the national level?

Working Paper 40: Livelihood transformations in semi-arid Africa 1960-2000. Policy lessons from farmers' investment strategies in Kenya, Senegal, Niger and northern Nigeria. A Workshop held at the London School of Economics, 17 January, 2001.

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2. Endorsement exercise, and promotion of in-country policy debate
The Department for International Development subsequently provided a small grant to enable the country team leaders to take back the main conclusions of their respective Synthesis papers and the deliberations in London to their teams, the sampled villages, the District administrations, and relevant national ministries or organisations. The aim was for the results if endorsed, to enter into national debates. The results were endorsed at the village and district level, and the debates at this level highlighted particular points and some new issues, which were brought out all the more clearly because the participants could speak in the local, familiar language. The results were reported in:

Working Paper 41: Promoting research-policy dialogues: lessons from four country studies of dryland development in Sub-Saharan Africa. A report to the UK Department for International Development, March, 2003

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See: Michael Mortimore and Mary Tiffen, 'Introducing research into policy: lessons from district studies of dryland development in Sub-Saharan Africa', Development Policy Review 22/3, 2004:259-286. To read this article, select Published Articles

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