Drylands Research is an informal consortium committed to understanding the linkages between policy strategies, long-term change, environmental management and rural livelihoods in semi-arid areas. It was established by Michael Mortimore and Mary Tiffen to carry out and co-ordinate studies in four African countries. These studies were concluded with a series of workshops in 2000-2001. Subsequent activities and publications may be accessed on this website. For more information please select About us and Current activities.

Four Country study and Working Papers

To read about the Four Country studies, select Four Country Study. To see summaries and full texts of Working Papers, view the map below and select one of the four countries: Kenya (Makueni District), Senegal (Diourbel Region), Niger (Maradi Region) and Nigeria (Kano Region). For research implications and policy dialogues, select: Research Implications And Policy Dialogues.

For the previous book, More People, Less Erosion: Environmental Recovery in Kenya, 1994, select Machakos Study.

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